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    don't shoot it, snort it. if it's xr (little balls inside) you probably don't want to snortthat stuff gets caught and tears up your nose. otherwise, crush, get a straw, and have fun. Aug 03,  · How to crush adderaaA L How to crush adderaaal like a PRO!!! Questions about Adderall XR So I know this isn't opiate related but I figured what better community to know about then us, am i right? So to the point, I have some Adderall XR, and since I switched to i maybe about a month ago I've been the drug in my veins and wondered what else I can shoot. This can exacerbate the damage associated with coffeeqaru.bizc abuse of Adderall can lead to the development of a stimulant use disorder (an addiction). Modes of Abuse. People who abuse Adderall may just take the pills orally, grind them up and snort the powder, mix the powder with liquid and inject it, or even smoke it. Oct 29,  · it's not just that adderall is unsafe. most drug use comes with some sort of health risk especially when you are with needles. and yea, pills might be more dangerous than drugs prepared specifically for injection such as heroin, but there are still pills out there that i'm to take that risk for. Nov 26,  · Adderall XR defeats the time release and effectively turns it into a regular Adderall pill. The time release is in the bead and if you crush it the time release no longer works. This is why the script bottle has a big DO NOT CRUSH label on it. Ok, yes wrong site didn't understand your situation all you asked was how can I inject adderall 30 XR. That is why i simply put that it is a dangerous idea and it can kill you because it is supposed to be in you stomach and the extended release is supposed to be slow. If you inject the adderall it will all go directly into your blood stream at. Jun 28,  · Crush it (start with only half regular dose) then measure out how much water you want with a Stir the solution off and on for about 3 ish minutes. Then take your cotton, and toss it in. Strain through that so only the liquid comes through and you dont clog your needle. I've been smack, coke, and shard for about 10 years but I've never really got into pills (aside from benzos, which I don't shoot). From what I've seen other people do when pills it looks like there's kind of a trick to it. Tell me this trick to shoot both XR and IR adderall .
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