• M367 hydrocodone can you get high snorting

    If you take 5 pills of mg/mg apap you are WAY to much NSAIDs and more then that you really risk up your liver just to get alittle high. Mar 13,  · Yes, it is also possible to snort Hydrocodone acetaminophen, and it is particularly preferred by some users because of this increased analgesic effect. However, this also causes harm to mucous membranes and may lead to addiction development. Side Effects of coffeeqaru.bizs: 1. Addiction is a major risk of hydrocodone. While it can be treated, it can take you years to leave behind. Some triggers may spark throughout the rest of your life. You also face risks due to the itself. Nov 02,  · / are the god damn horse pills, whoever told u to snort that must want u to be in pain over nothin look at it like this, most people i know who use oxy's (oxycodone and hydrocodone are similar) will snort a 20 at the very least, although im sure u can get a buzz off less than this, 20 mgs would mean about 2 and a half of the pills u have, which works out to . m is a generic form of hydrocodone but it will do the job Will diet pills get you high? Yes, diet pills will get you high, but only certain brands of diet pills. Hydrocodone has a high potential for abuse and is often used outside of prescription guidelines. Some people misuse this drug by and it, which can be very dangerous to the body and mind. The nose is filled with tiny blood vessels that are sensitive to foreign substances. Can You Snort Hydrocodone? Yes, the pills can be crushed into a powder and snorted. Yes, it does give you a high and faster than it would in pill form. Should you snort it?, NO, by all means. You should never alter the form of any medications, period. Even a pill in half can have adverse side effects. Oct 24,  · hydrocodone is risky and dangerous. One of the biggest risks you run is on hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is usually mixed with other substances one of which is acetaminophen. Acetaminophen, though used in a lot of over-the-counter medications, can be poisonous if used in high quantities. Nov 12,  · Yes, if you can get them. Expensive if bought on the street. Hydrocodone contains tylenol. hydrocodone 10/ mean 10 mg codine and mg tylenol or = to 1 extra strengh tylenol. YOU CAN.
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