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    CODE ISO CLASSIFICATION DESCRIPTION | 8 Metal Works – shop – decorative or artistic Watch or Watch Case Mfg. Apartment Apartment -- garden Apartment Hotel – less than 4 stories or Premises – LRO – for profit. The General Liability Classification Guide is a comprehensive tool to help insurance professionals apply correct general liability classifications. ISO's Premium Audit Advisory Service (PAAS ®) — your resource for premium audit and classification information — offers this complete manual on GL risks. rows · Examples of how General Liability Class Codes are used: A business consultant (ISO . NAICS Code – Lessors of Residential and Definition of NAICS Code This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in as lessors of used as residences or such as homes, apartment and town coffeeqaru.bized in this industry are owner-lessors and establishments real estate and then as. Workers Compensation Class Codes. If you are for general liability or workers compensation class codes, we can show you where to find them for your state! Our website contains reference guides, helpful generic code & index as well as further guidance and links as to where viewers can find and authoritative information. General Liability Cross Reference. SIC Cross Reference. (Apartment Operators) NAICS Cross Reference. (Residential Property Managers) Class Code. or Property Management--Property Managers and Agents & Clerical, Salespersons) CA Class Code. Class Code Lookup. Use the class code lookup search bar below to find NAICS and workers compensation class codes (SIC Codes soon!).We have refined the search parameters to only include our website but additional websites that we know and trust are listed below as well. Apartment Apartment - garden Apartment Hotels – less than 4 stories or Premises - LRO - for profit or Premises - LRO - not for profit ISO CODE ISO CLASSIFICATION DESCRIPTION or Premises - LRO - maintained - for profit. Jun 18,  · General liability insurance is complicated and what appears to be the correct class code for any given business and job isn’t always the case. Make sure you check with a professional agent that specializes in commercial insurance, and especially general liability before a coffeeqaru.biz: Robert Weinstein.
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