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    Elopement in Senior Care. to prevent incidents of elopement is a critical part of resident safety in senior care facilities. Elopements can result in serious resident harm and life- situations. Further, elopements can put facilities at risk of citations and litigation. T he National Institute for. If the Patient/Resident is identified as Low Risk to Wander, no action to prevent is needed. 2. If the Patient/Resident is identified as At Risk to Wander. Initiate interdisciplinary care plan and follow plan of care. 3. If the Patient/Resident is identified as High Risk to Wander, the action must be. Care Plan and Diagnosis in Alzheimer Dementia This care plan is for patients who are due to dementia. to Nanda the definition of is the state in which an individual with dementia has aimless, or repetitive locomotion that exposes him or her to harm. elopement events reported by year. • establish protocols to identify patients at risk • assessment risk of elopement • ensure that documentation is complete • ensure communication of patient risk status among the team • protocol to locate and report patients • health care administration:File Size: KB. Comprehensive Care for Long Term Care Facilities: Plans By Holly F. Sox, RN, RAC-C PLAN OF CARE Problem(s) Goal(s) Approach(es) Dept Review needed to reduce risk of elopement from facility. Ensure that hallways are free from spills, clutter and other hazards. N N N ALL ALL ALL ALL. Add the column of numbers to obtain the total score. If the total score is 10 or greater, the resident should be considered to be at risk for elopement. Prevention protocols should be followed and documented on the care plan. Item Score Resident Status/Condition Date Date Date Date 1 . Jan 01,  · a systematic, well-practiced approach to and elopement risk is the best way to minimize litigation and safeguard your residents. Consider these strategies for your written elopement plan and program: Identify an method (risk assessment) to determine residents who may be at risk for elopement.
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