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    Costa Rica and GeoBlue. If in doubt, always check with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM), as the list of International Licensees may change. ID cards from these Licensees will also contain three-character alpha prefixes and may or may not have one of the benefit product logos referenced in the sections. Quick Reference Guide UPDATED Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Indiana Indiana (Local) Anthem Products Anthem Associates Eligibility,Benefits, Claim Status, Claim. Links to Secure and remits Medical Claims Anthem BCBS PO Box Atlanta, GA Fax: Anthem Blue Cross and. Blue Cross Prefix List (Updated Often) does any one know the telephone number for the alpha prefix XDB of blue cross of California. website says: July 21, at am Truck Loaders of Atlanta, LLC is one the premier companies the Metro Atlanta area. both full. BCBS Alpha Prefix List from XAA to XZZ. 07/10/ admin 0 Comments. BCBS Alpha Prefix List Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies BCBS Phone Numbers; XAA: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama: XAB: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama: XAC: Blue Cross Blue Shield of . Alpha-Prefixes Availity Paper Claims Address Appeals Address Provider Refunds Ready Reference Guide UPDATE Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Ohio Ohio (Local) Anthem Products Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan P.O. Box Detroit, MI BCBS alpha prefixes list and claim submission address - Updated list. Its often confused that BCBS have lot of prefixes and where to contact. However we have some guide to follow, prefixes we could find the state of the BCBS and contact phone number to proceed further. Full Answer Alpha prefixes are the three characters that precede a subscriber identification number on BCBS identity cards, notes the BCBS Association. The prefixes identify the member's BCBS prefix list plan or national and become essential when claims for In plan-specific alpha prefixes, the first two characters. BCBS Alpha prefix List are used to identify appropriate Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan in order to route the claims to the correct address or to contact the correct department. BCBS prefix List from AAA to ZZZ. Nov 01,  · Nov 1, • Administrative. The Prefix Reference List has been updated. the updated list online. Please go to coffeeqaru.biz Select Provider, and Providers Overview. Select Find Resources for Your State, and pick Colorado. From the Provider Home page, under the Self Service and Support choose Contact Us (Escalation Contact List & Alpha Prefix List), and then Prefix Reference List.
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