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    The final CMS physician fee schedule for introduced the 3 new codes for physical therapy evaluation and 1 new code for reevaluation. The new evaluation codes reflect 3 levels of patient presentation: low-complexity (), moderate-complexity (), and high-complexity (), and replace the current code. Dec 05,  · 2 Guided Examples with the New Codes for PT and OT Evaluations French poetry and comic-book lore have taught us that “with great power comes great responsibility.” And with the imminent rollout of of new codes for therapy evaluations and re-evaluations, rehab therapists would be wise to take that message to heart. Dec 07,  · Comments Off on How Guidelines Define "New Patient" Tweet. Print Post. The distinction between new patient and established patient is vital for correct evaluation and management (E/M) code assignment, compliance, and reimbursement. the internist may report the initial visit the new patient codes (e.g., ). This 2-hour webinar will provide the new physical therapy evaluation and reevaluation codes, the long descriptor of the new codes, what components must be included in the evaluation in order for the therapist to report the correct evaluation code and patient scenario's that will allow participants to determine which evaluation code should be billed. Another important difference between the codes is that the new patient codes (–) require that all three key components (history, exam and medical decision be satisfied, while Cited by: 3. The table on page 2 summarizes the requirements for physical therapy evaluation services. QUICK GUIDE TO THE 3 LEVELS OF PHYSICAL THERAPY EVALUATION Three new codes—, , and — replace the code for physical therapy evaluation January 1, Mar 01,  · A persistent concern when evaluation and management (E/M) services is whether a patient is new or established to the practice. New patient codes carry higher relative value units (RVUs), and for that reason are consistently under the watchful eye of payers, who are quick to deny unsubstantiated claims. PT Evaluation Codes: Case Scenarios. presented by Rick Gawenda. Month Subscription Introduction to the Physical Therapy Evaluation Codes. This chapter will teach participants the four components of the physical therapy evaluation codes and the minimum requirements that must be met for each component to bill that. Oct 12,  · This update also affects the codes for PT and OT re-evaluations. However, unlike the evaluation codes, the re-evaluation codes are not tiered to complexity. Instead, there is one replacement code for and one for , as shown below.
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