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    Sep 09,  · 9/9/77 - "Jungle Jim" Liberman was killed in an early crash when the yellow Corvette he was on the West Chester (Pa.) Pike went through the median barrier and collided head-on into a South East Philadelphia Transit Authority bus him instantly. May 23,  · In the world of drag “Jungle” Jim Liberman and his partner “Jungle” Pam Howard, were two of the most popular characters on the circuit. Their popularity was immense but short lived when Jungle Jim died in a head-on car in May 21,  · Jungle Jim continued to race, but not nearly as much as he used to. In , Liberman was killed in a tragic behind the wheel of his Corvette. After that, Jungle Pam went back to the normal 9-to-5 scene, and there’s never been a track gal or face of Chevy like hers since. Jan 21,  · He continued to race but not nearly as much as before. Unfortunately, in , his prized Corvette collided with a bus (not related to him at the age of After that tragic Jungle Pam went back to Pam Hardy and took a traditional 9-to-5 job. -- "Jungle Pam" Hardy and "Jungle Jim" Liberman with his Chevy Vega Funny Car. You'd be hard-pressed to say who was hotter back in the '70s-- "Jungle Pam" in her go-go boots, short-shorts, and tops or "Jungle Jim" Liberman's burnouts, wheelstands, and up and down the length of the dragstrip backwards.. Aug 23,  · Jungle Jim died in when his Corvette hit a bus one miserable He was Pam currently runs a Facebook page and website dedicated to . Jungle Jim’s International Market was born. A mere cubicle at 4, square feet, but it was a start. Before long, more and more products were added, and expansion continues to this day. Jungle Jim’s International Market is a place where the first rule is to treat customers like gold. The second is . primarily the United States, he averaged an estimated events per year the s. He lost his life in an auto his Corvette head-on with a bus. American Drag Racer. Known as "Jungle Jim", he was named #17 on the list of the Top 50 NHRA coffeeqaru.biz: Greenwood Cemetery, Trenton, Mercer County, . Jim Liberman died September 9, in a car at the age of 33 years. On a public road. Behind the wheel of a completely stock Chevrolet Corvette. As for me, so his life — is the clearest example of a rock-and-roll, refined and where the characters live very quickly and leave the life of the young.
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