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    Mar 02,  · 7 Suggestions for your Officer Fitrep; Benefits of on a Selection Download the Navy Sheet; Enhancers and Detractors for the Chiefs Guidance on a Better Brag Sheet; Phrases, Catch Words & Power Words. 43 Catch Words for FITREP and Eval Verbs for FITREP and Eval 32 Knock out. the FITREP is uncomfortably brief, so be it. Use initial and midterm sessions to established goals to avoid end-of-year gaps. Lack of strong and line. The first and last comment lines are FITREP “sweet spots.” This is where a record reviewer looks first. Use this prime space to sell your Sailor. Try and start your FITREP bullets with a hard action word or words, IN ALL CAPS, and then elaborate on it. For example: LEADER: Lead a 25 man platoon into Afghanistan for a 60 day security mission. Early Promote HIGH PERFORMANCE SAILORS ON THE GROUND AND IN THE AIRCRAFT! EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED IN OUR FUTURE CHIEFS! SELECT FOR AWFC AS SOON AS ELIGIBLE, HE IS THAT GOOD! ****A STELLAR PERFOMER. HAS MY STRONGEST RECOMMENDATION FOR ADVANCMENT TO PO1*** Petty Officer X is an confident, strong fitrep. Must Promote Statements. Fireman X is a warrior with a bright future in the community. Highly recommended for advancement to the next paygrade. PETTY OFFICER X IS A DYNAMIC AND ENORMOUSLY TALENTED ADDITION TO THE xxx TEAM AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ADVANCEMENT AND strong fitrep. Back to Navy FitRep; Statements, Recommendations. SELECT IMMEDIATELY FOR ITCS AND GROOM THIS STAR FOR COMMAND SENIOR CHIEF Senior Chief Petty Officer Smith has excelled at and grown beyond his responsibilities as Promote to Master Chief now! and Go Administrative Correction Air Gap Apitude Appeal Argue a Fitrep BUPERSINST BUPERS INSTRUCTIONs Calendar Chief Eval Chiefs Coast Guard COM Commander Bullets Command Philosophy Complaint Debrief E4 Evaluation E5 Evaluation Eval/FITREP Eval Appeal Eval Policy Eval Statement Final Eval Final FITREP FITREP Appeal. U.S. Navy EVAL Rater's comments, comments a solid professional ready for increased responsibility. Navy Writer Navy Eval, Award, and other Examples Navy FitReps; Statements. Early Promote Must Promote. FITREPs signed by CAPTs must be endorsed by the first flag officer in the chain of command. When you write your and lines, think “sound bites.” Write a phrase that a briefer can copy onto your PSR to be read by the rest of the Good examples I have seen: “Future Chief of Chaplains” (made as it was.
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