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    Top 10 Ways Men Destroy Their Marriage | PairedLife. May 03,  · If you feel lonely or like you're neglected by your partner, you might have a clear idea about why this is. It could be that your partner is . At the end of the day, most women who end marriages due to Walkaway Wife Syndrome do so because they feel like they are emotionally neglected by their spouses. If your behavior hasn't changed, but they seem alright with it, you need to be careful. Emotional neglect can and will kill a marriage. So, if you love your wife, show her. Emotional abandonment in marriage happens when one of the partners does not connect emotionally with the other one. If you feel emotionally abandoned in a marriage, you feel as though you aren't care or compassion. It's like your partner is physically there, but emotionally coffeeqaru.biz: Robert Porter. Dec 21,  · Kristen August 21, at am. My story is slightly different. My husband physically and emotionally neglected me for about years. I my fate and had become emotionally numb which allowed me to function and be a good mom to our 3. Jan 06,  · come back for several coffeeqaru.biz of the most most miserable experiences for a wife is that of isolation when her husband emotionally leaves the relationship. Yes, she has friends and a job. Yes, she spends a lot of time the kids around and in activities outside of her husband. It’s not the same. The Walkaway Wife Syndrome Two-thirds of all divorces are initiated by women. This is why. Posted Mar 30,
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