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    Jun 3, - This contains themes that the BSA has had for Cub Since they have changed the names slightly over the years, I have tried to generalize them for an easier way to find them.. Sorry they are not in alphabetical order, I can't figure out how to re-arrange them so that they are. See more ideas about Cub scouts, Cub scout activities, ThemeK. Below are pack plans that can be used if your pack wants to focus on a specific value of the Scout Law. In addition the plan has a theme to make the fun. These pack plans can be used in any order. The plans are a template and may reference page documents that have been updated or revised. Is Good Program Delivery: Through its two editions—the Cub Scout edition and the Scouts BSA edition—BOYS’ LIFE provides program-specific material for Cub Scouts (adventure loop and activities) and Scouts BSA (program features and merit badges). Membership Retention: We have long recognized that BOYS’ LIFE has a direct influence on membership retention. In the past, BSA developed Cub Scout pack plans for us to download and use free of charge. There are plans for each point of the Scout coffeeqaru.biz plans are created around the Cub Scout monthly themes. Although they decided a while back that they would no longer produce new monthly themes with plans, we can still use the old plans. Some packs meet monthly, others less often. Literature. Cub Scout Leader Book. The Cub Scout Leader Book gives the details on how a Pack is organized. This is the best resources for Cubmasters and Pack Committee Chairs. The Cub Scout Leader Book is also available for Kindle. Cub Scout Theme: Webelos Badge: Boy Scout Theme: January: Poles ApartFitness, Readyman: Winter Learn about the North and South Poles this month. Imagine life in a place where there is cold and ice days a year! Learn about the brave explorers who traveled to the ends of our earth. Apr 28,  · Program Themes for Cub Scouts. April 28, Leave a Comment. Themes are a way to add pizzazz to a or a month. They can get your families motivated to be more involved and try new activities. Here are some suggestions for Cub Scout themes: Abracadabra Theme for . to allow Cub Scouts to share what they have learned while on Cub Scout advancement requirements in other such as in front of their family. • Duty to God adventures. These are primarily done with the family and, for some dens, may not be included as part of the den If that is the case, notify families. Apr 29,  · Themes by Date or Holiday. Cub Scout used to be organized around monthly program themes. The new program delivery method no longer features themes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some theme elements of your own: Cub Scout Program Themes.
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