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    Nov 03,  · Olivia Jensen, Tabria Majors, and Dana Patterson Star in New Mobile Strike Video Mobile Strike have changed gear from their initial commercial which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as their figurehead. Their latest set of promotional videos feature the plus-sized models: Olivia Jensen (The Jet) Tabria Majors (The Helicopter) – Instagram Dana Patterson (The Tank) – Instagram Download Mobile. re: Someone explain to whom this Mobile Strike commercial appeals? Posted by carhartt on 8/22/16 at pm to It's kinda when the yellow bikini . Golden gals Last updated on - Sep 3, A bikini and a well-toned figure is an awesome combination. girls in numbers know the way to woo! (Pic. May 20,  · Sponsored video: Mobile Strike D/l the Mobile Strike video now! • Olivia Jensen (The Jet) • Tabria Majors (The He. Apr 05,  · The advert in question, however, features three bikini-clad models who play Mobile Strike by a pool. If you watched a YouTube video at some point Author: Wesley Yin-Poole. Apr 08,  · ASA Bans Mobile Strike Advert Models In Bikinis The Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has responded to criticism for an advert for mobile game Mobile Strike, it complaints that it "objectified women". Curvy Girls - VIP. K views · January Related Pages See All. Charleston's Curvy' Chic. 74, Followers · Fashion Model. Marissa Matthews. 71, Followers · Interest. Pages Other Brand Website Entertainment Website Curvy Girls - VIP Videos Mobile Strike - Oval Office Breach. Tabria Majors. Sep 10,  · 3 fat chicks Mobile Strike in Bikinis - Don't ask me why. It just came up on my Subscription feed. 3 fat chicks Mobile Strike in Bikinis - Don't ask me why. It just came up on my Subscription feed. UFC on ESPN+ 16 - Sat. 9/14; The girl in the neon bikini would get it. Jul 09,  · Curvy models Olivia Jensen, Tabria Majors (@tabriamajors), Dana Patterson (@danaisabellaaa) behind the scenes on the Mobile Strike video. coffeeqaru.bizr.
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