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    All you have to do to receive your tax refund in your Walmart MoneyCard is: Get your and direct deposit number by in – or – text DD to to get your Direct Deposit enrollment info fast. Carrier message and data rates apply. Mar 16,  · So, under this scenario, it could take a maximum of six months for a refund of a disputed charge to be posted to your card Hmm that seems like a long time. It may not take nearly that long, though. For instance, card issuer American Express says most disputes are resolved within a month, although complicated cases could last. It is usually 1–2 business days at the earliest, a few more on but it Walmart’s policy is within 5 days, which is a standard statement of general practices to protect themselves, but it depends upon your too. There is no guaranteed a. r/walmart: Mostly just Walmart stuff. User menu. 0 (question) how long does refund take? Close. 0. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived (question) how long does refund take? On Saturday, last Saturday I returned for refund. Its now Tuesday and still not in my card. I did refund at customer service, used card. Mar 19,  · How long your refund takes to be processed and reflected on your card statement depends on both the retailer and the card's issuer. The also depends on the method of the return. If you take the unwanted item back to the store where you bought it, the person who waits on you can swipe your card and begin the process of. Feb 09,  · I returned an item to Kmart and the appeared on my (I checked it online) the next day as a transaction. OTOH, I returned about $20 worth of merchandise to Walmart a few days ago and haven't seen the refund on my card. It should never take more than a week, however, especially from a major retail chain. I just bought from walmart and have never cancel the order. You may call their after-sale service department and ask for the detailed time of your money. The telephone number can be .
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