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    codes and NOTE: These codes replace codes G and G, of which, are effective only through December 31, X XX X X OCE MPFS DB Medicare systems shall recognize new codes and for and Cessation services on all provider inquiry screens (HIQA,File Size: KB. Aug 17,  · What are the documentation requirements for the cessation code of ? Can anyone point me to a reference that states what the documentation requirements are? If the provider just documents: 10 mins" and uses as the dx, is this enough documentation to justify the use of this code? Thanks. Mar 02,  · FOR CESSATION (Medicare coverage is for 2 cessation attempts per month period. Each attempt includes a maximum of up to 4 intermediate () or intensive () sessions, Medicare total benefit is 8 sessions yearly.) – and use cessation visit; intermediate, greater than 3 minutes up to 10 minutes – . This policy describes Optum’s requirements for the reimbursement and documentation of and use cessation visit” – codes and , and procedure codes G and G The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Optum reimburses for services that are billed and documented, without for. cardiac rehabilitation up to a total of 72 sessions meet the requirements of the medical policy or, for ICR, that any further sessions beyond 72 sessions within a day period from the date of the first session or for any sessions provided after days from the date of the first session meet the requirements of the medical policy. The Common File (CWF) shall edit for the frequency of service limitations of to prevent use sessions and and cessation services (G, G, , ) rendered to a beneficiary for a combined total of 8 . requirements: Use regardless of whether they exhibit signs or symptoms of disease Patient must be competent and alert at the time of must be provided by a qualified physician or other Medicare-recognized healthcare provider. Cessation Codes and
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