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    rows · How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System? The exact amount of time a drug stays in the . Jun 08,  · How Long Does Ritalin Stay in Urine? A urine test can detect Ritalin within 1 to 2 days after the drug. In most individuals, 50% of the drug’s metabolites leave the system within 6 hours of consumption. So, a urine test for the detection of Ritalin presence is usually ineffective after 48 hours. How Long Does Ritalin Stay in Saliva? In brief: Ritalin (methylphenidate) in Urine One to two days. How Long Does Ritalin Stay In Your System? In our experience, people are always for the cheap, easy and fast ways to get Ritalin out of their system fast. This is human nature. To make more complicated, there are so many urban legends, half-truths, myths or that someone heard from someone else to make one’s head. Methylphenidate tends to be metabolized pretty quickly, so it doesn’t stay in the body for very long. A urine test might show methylphenidate use for up to one to two days after someone takes it. This window could be slightly longer if someone took an extended or sustained-release version of the drug. Urine: Ritalin or methylphenidate stays in your urine for 1–2 days. Blood: How long Ritalin stays in your blood depends largely on the half-life of Ritalin, as the half-life is measured by the concentration of drug in the plasma of blood. Most individuals will have excreted over 50% of methylphenidate metabolites in urine within 6 hours of Urinary is most effective for Ritalin usage within 24 hours, but may be effective (in select individuals) for over 48 hours. Jun 13,  · In general, urine screens can detect the presence of Ritalin for one to three days use. In general, saliva tests can detect the presence of methylphenidate for one to three days after use. Blood tests are not commonly used to screen for Ritalin. Methylphenidate may be detectable in hair follicles for up to 30 days after use. In a urine test, Ritalin would likely show up for anywhere from one to two days after someone used it. Blood tests aren’t used as often as urine tests because the window of detection is shorter. Ritalin would likely only show up in a blood test for up to 12 hours after it was used.
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