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    If a cordless phone, test with a non-cordless phone if possible. If only certain phones are affected, check connections or replace the phone itself. Verify the type of call the other party is If they are a cell phone, your conversation could be affected by reception difficulties. Wireless Network Credentials. If you don't know your modem's wireless information, then you can request that we send your wireless network name (SSID) and to either the email address and/or SMS capable phone number on record for this. To save the message 9 For more options 0 Replay the message 4 For message detail 5 Forward a copy 6 Return to main menu * To disconnect * From your Phone: Press the Messages button From outside of the Office: Dial your Voicemail Retrieval Number Enter your passcode + # Enter your digit phone number + # Enter your passcode + #. Aug 18,  · CenturyLink, formerly Embarq, is a telecommunications company that offers Internet and phone services for both residential and business purposes. Message Manager service from CenturyLink adds more fun and functionality to your online experience. Now you can use your computer to see who called you, to place a call, manage your contact list, and your CenturyLink home phone with Caller ID.* * Voice Mail and Caller ID are required for full Message Manager functionality. An number if your home phone number is busy; Any computer connected to the Internet; Cox Connect app on your Android or Apple device; Note: Once you have the Voice Mail from your phone, refer to Voice Mail Personal Options to help navigate the menu options. Voice Mail From Your Home Phone. Lift the handset of your. Jun 24,  · Kent explains how to your voice whether you're at home or away from home. Pick up the phone hand set and press the Voice Mail button. Enter your voicemail password. Press 7 for mailbox options.; Press 7 again to listen to recently deleted messages. Voicemail plays all the deleted messages still available for your extension. When you have a message CenturyLink Voice Mail Service sends a "stutter dial tone." You can this stutter tone by a rapid flicker of your TTY light when the handset is off-hook. When you have a message, you may want to call the relay service to check if it is a voice message or TTY.
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