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    May 06,  · Know that you can write a letter to the district attorney to reduce the cost of or even dismiss a traffic ticket. Even if you were at fault, DAs will often reduce the level of the fine or change the nature of the charge so no points to your license if you have a previously clean coffeeqaru.biz: 91K. Prosecutors can file charges on all crimes for which the police arrested a suspect, can file charges that are more or less severe than the charges leveled by the police, or can decide not to file any charges at all. (U.S. v. Batchelder, U.S. Sup. Ct. ) The Prosecutor's Decision: the Police Report. Q) I am a letter to the defense attorney to dismiss domestic violence charges against my husband. Should I put in there that I failed to tell the police I hit him first. First, you should know that your husband's attorney has no ability to drop charges. This letter is to inform you that the prosecutor in this case is in the process of a plea agreement with the defendant. Enclosed is a copy of the agreement that the prosecutor is As a victim in this case, you have the right to be notified of the terms and conditions of the proposed plea agreement and to give your input. Mar 29,  · Tell the prosecutor you don't want to press charges. Though the prosecutor decides whether to drop charges, a victim or key witness can have a significant impact on the case. If you say you aren't interested in the case to trial, there's a good change the prosecutor will drop the coffeeqaru.biz: K. Aug 09,  · i would like a sample letter a prosecutor for leniency/drop charges on my friend who was of animal cruelty. she is huge animal lover who has owned pets for many years since i have known her. last summer, her dog was and she walked on foot every day flyers and door-to-door searches for her dog.5/5(K). First, the judges and prosecutors take domestic violence charges very seriously and they take the role of victims very seriously. Second, as mentioned, there are many reasons for to drop domestic violence charges. These are not all valid reasons, at . The decision to file charges, reduce charges, prosecute a case or dismiss a case is solely at the discretion of the District Attorney or Attorney. If you, the "victim", wishes to have the charges dropped or dismissed, you should talk with the D.A., which it appears you have already done. However, the final decision will be up to the. May 03,  · One type of letter that impresses Michael Hartmere, another former federal prosecutor turned state court judge, is one from an employer that a job is for the defendant.
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