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    Mar 26,  · In Arkansas, United States economy, Unix or Linux System Administrator is on the top list of highest earners, an average gross salary of US$ , IT Project Manager and CEO follow, US$ 97, and US$ 86,, respectively. Assistant earn a gross annual average of US$ 20,, while Medical Assistant earn US$ 23, Arkansas has no cities or counties for which a special GS Locality Pay Adjustment is specified. Therefore, the generic "Rest of the United States" locality pay adjustment of % (shown in the table below) applies to all General Schedule jobs in the state. About this site | Internet Policies. © | Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. Pay Rates for Senior Executive Salaries. Title: FY18_Pay_Plan Author: Kendell Jones Created Date: 7/18/ PM. The governor told the Arkansas State Employees Association's annual convention on Friday that "we are to take some heat" for the new pay plan, to the Democrat-Gazette article. Regular State Employees' annual salaries will be displayed along with certain census-type data. Other Employee Compensation (such as emergency military call-up pay, stipends, concurrent employment, etc.) will be displayed separately and that data will be totaled by fiscal year-to-date. Mar 02,  · Thus, approximately 56% of state employees moved to the new minimums and 44% received a 1% COLA. We expressed our concern that the last time the pay plan was addressed it focused on the base pay grades and did not focus enough on career employees. This concern will be the center of our focus forward. Sep 22,  · Gov. Asa Hutchinson's administration Wednesday proposed an overhaul of the state's pay plan for about 26, full-time employees, which is . FY ARDOT Salary Schedule Effective 2/1/ Grade Level 4 Base Quartile Intermediate Quartile Advanced Quartile Senior Quartile. Title: Salary Charts - xlsx Author: algd Created Date.
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