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    Sep 04,  · The company called Par Pharmaceuticals distributes pale green Xanax bars. These 2-mg rectangular pills are different in that they have the imprint “S 90 3” and have two scores (instead of three) and can be broken into three equal doses. A Yellow version of the drug is . There are also a number of similar generic versions of the drug. Par Pharmaceuticals distributes pale green Xanax bars. The 2-mg rectangular pills — which are imprinted with “S 90 3” — have two scores, instead of three, so they can be broken into three equal mg squares. Actavis Pharma markets a yellow version of the drug. Yellow Xanax may come in the same strength as white Xanax. However, the yellow ones are extended-release bars. The person will get the same dose, but it will take more time. May 03,  · What is Green Xanax Bars S 90 3? The green, rectangular pill with imprint S 90 3 has been identified as alprazolam 2 mg (Xanax) supplied by Dava Pharmaceuticals. Alprazolam belongs to a class of medications called which act on the brain and nerves (central nervous system) to produce a effect. May 02,  · As stated in above posts, the S 90 3 green Xanax bars are real. And there are chances of counterfeits out there in the street and the only way to avoid it is it from a trusted source. However, I must add that I have never come across these green ones. Nov 16,  · Xanax pills come in many different shapes and colors. believe in benzo’s so At the time I was 90 green bars a month and drug once a month for my doctor just show her I would send an addict anymore and wasn’t my pills But the new doctor I got after she left didn’t want to give me benders so by law Reviews: Oct 26,  · When users get high on s 90 3 green xanax, the short-term effects can cause them to feel completely calm, euphoric, and free from worry. This drug works for people from anxiety and panic disorders because it begins to relieve their anxious and settle their minds almost immediately after the medication, usually Its effects may be felt within 30 minutes and can last. Yellow is time release green is manufactured in Pakistan blue circles are 1 mg ovals are.5 mg white is non time released white hits all at once in 30 - 45 minutes so do greens yellows release gradually over 3 - 4 hours (they sneak up on you don't over do it) as far as the red, blue, onyx, etc. 2 mg generics that's why different colors on. Xanax S 90 3 - Is this a time released pill? Asked 5 Feb by bobbyneuman Updated 5 February Topics xanax, alprazolam, prescription, pill. is the prescription pill alprazolam 2mg. labeled S 90 3, green and rectangle in shape is this a time released pill? and or are all xanax 2mg {bars} time released? if regular xanax is not time.
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