• Best way to get high off dilaudid 2mg

    Oct 08,  · The Best Way to Quit Hydromorphone. your Hydromorphone quit into your own hands can be dangerous. You want to quit as safely as possible, and you want your results to be Get the help of a Dilaudid rehab if you want to have the best . 2mg hydromorphone is equivalent to about mg oxycodone. Hydromorphone is more for the milligram but 6mg Oxycontin will probably produce a stronger high than 2mg hydromorphone. To everone to get off opiated get a few suboxone. 24 hours after your last opiate dose, take a 8mg sub. 24 hours later do same 24 hours after that take 6 mg, next day 6, then 4, then 2. When you are down to 2 mg sub a coffeeqaru.biz stop. Might be sick for a day or so then should be ok. high quickly means that, in turn, the high will feel more intense, but it will wear off faster. This may lead to compulsive behaviors to take more of the drug. The fastest way to get high on a substance is to smoke it. When a substance is inhaled, it enters the lungs where the alveoli allow it to be quickly absorbed into blood. I am on 8 8mg Dilaudid a day & 2 1mg also. I still need them for pain & will but this is your best way. Drop your dose daily,or every other day or whatever you can handle without sick & keep that until you down to say 1/4mg a day & try & stop,if you still feel bad go to an 1/8 a mg for a few days & so on & so on. Got myself 10 4mg dilaudid today (8 left I just blew two) and I was if this is the best way to get high off them without up. Would just them work better? Is there a better way to snort them than just one big line? God damn yellow boogers out of my nose sucks. Mar 09,  · I usually snort a 30mg roxy but today I got 8mg dilaudid. There the white triangle pills with M on one side and 8 on the other. I dont shoot up so I know people say that is the way to do it but I dont do that. My question is if I snort the 8mg dilaudid will it give me the same buzz as the 30mg roxy, or close to the same I know the 8mg dilaudid is a lot more powder so is it safe to snort? After a taste for Dilaudid I decided the only real way to it efficiently, and to get the very best effects from it would be to bang it. And so I started up how to inject drugs intravenously, it was a new and subject, I had never even considered any drug and here I . One Dilaudid 2mg should equal two Percocets on your tolerance. Where I am Dilaudid is a little cheaper. I don't know if they will touch these meds but there is a program you can call the most they can say is no, may be worth a try-- here is the info o.k.: Partnership for Prescription Assistance coffeeqaru.biz
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