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    Original review: April 13, I received a check through the mail in Nov. I was use to business with Harrison Finance that was by tower loan/5(). May 31,  · tower loan sent me a check in the mail that I did not ask for but did need money for bills so I cashed it which no collateral was put up and I just cashed the check at my which I have in my right now and my disability check is a little under which doesn't pay my monthly bills after phone,tv,internet,groceries,insurance,household goods,medicine,car repairs,gas,house. This will also add your name to Tower’s internal Do Not Mail list which will limit any offer of Tower may provide in the mail. In order to stop “Prescreened” offers from Tower Loan and other companies you can do so by toll free . Apr 28,  · WTH?? Just got a check in the mail for 5, from Beneficial. Just sign and take to the and then pay the loan. First, Im not real happy about a check in the mail that all has to be done is sign and you are on your way!! Little scary. But, was of out a small loan at our. Tower Loan specializes in personal loans for any need. Whether you need $ for an auto repair, or $20, for a home renovation, we can serve that need. All our loans have monthly payments, a fixed interest rate, and a number of payments that will pay your loan down to a zero balance. No rates, and no debts that never pay down. Tower Loan Payday Loans. This is a multi-location business. Find a location. PO Box Tower Loan ("Tower") operates two hundred thirty-five () consumer fin Read More. Jul 05,  · If you cash the check, you are to a loan of $ on THEIR terms. And their terms are not terms you can afford. You will pay a total of about $ in a 24 month period ($ principal and about $ interest). It's not a bogus check, it's real. But it is a to get you into financial trouble for THEIR benefit. Sep 30,  · Back in early , a live loan check came to our home addressed to my spouse. At the time, we had our own business and were on the verge of foreclosure. He cashed the check it would help our financial problems (acted in fear and haste). This check was from Beneficial and was for, I believe, the check enters you into a loan agreement that may last multiple years and have an annual interest rate above 25%. Chris Jackson received a live check in the mail last November for $2,
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