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    Paul Crouch was a religious broadcaster. He and his wife Jan founded the Trinity Network. Paul Crouch died at age 79 on November 30, Jan 21,  · Paul Crouch Jr First Wife | Paul Crouch Jr Ex Wife. Crouch was previously married to Tawny Dryden, the daughter of Oklahoma City pastors Ron and Linda Dryden, in They divorced in Paul Crouch Jr. Crouch and Tawny have three together, a son named Brandon Crouch and two daughters Brittany Crouch Koper and Carra Crouch. Mar 23,  · Among the network founded by Paul and Jan Crouch, is of its 'charitable assets' toward a $50 million jet, 13 mansions and a $,mobile home for Mrs Crouch. Paul Crouch Jr. divorced from ex-wife Tawny Dryden in As of July , the exact reason for the divorce is unknown. There are rumors about Paul Crouch Jr. an affair, but there are no confirmed reports. Dec 02,  · If you’re not familiar with Crouch and his wife Janice, they are the Jim and Tammy Faye that time forgot.. Paul and Jan Crouch. Here‘s a little flavor. Janice Crouch, called “Mama” on the air, is known for her wigs, which look like huge swirls of cotton candy, and for emotionally about the Lord’s. If there is one certain about Paul and Jan Crouch, it is that is certain. Whether the guest of Trinity Broadcast Network is a religious leader that is fairly fundamental in doctrine or a way out person that says almost that makes sense, they both are welcomed and applauded as great. A May New York Times article reported on the personal of Paul and Jan Crouch, "his-and-her mansions one street apart in a gated community" in Newport Beach, California. Paul Crouch received $, in executive salary as president and his wife $, as first vice president of TBN. No. Paul & Jan Crouch are not divorced. Paul Jr. did have a divorce, but there is no evidence that Paul and Jan have separated or filed for divorce. (Anyone so, needs to give a source Paul Franklin Crouch and Janice Bethany Crouch were still married at the time of his death on November 30, They married in and never divorced. Dr. Paul Franklin Crouch Sr. was born on March 30, , in St. Joseph, MO, to Assembly of God missionaries. At the age of seven, his father died, his mother and grandparents to care for him.
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