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    Provide students with a copy of an outline of an iceberg with a clear line the part of the iceberg that is above the water's surface and the larger part that is below the surface. Divide students into groups of four. Ask them to the Features of Culture worksheet with them. This worksheet is a blank canvas for your clients. Begin by the concept of the Anger Iceberg. Explain that what you see above the surface of the iceberg represents what you see on the surface when mad- in your environment and the people around you. Student worksheet The Iceberg Theory The Iceberg Theory suggests that just like an iceberg, culture is made of a visible and an invisible part (Edward T. Hall - , ). The visible manifestations of culture are just the tip of the iceberg. However, it is the lower, the hidden part of the iceberg, that is the. Iceberg Activity – Identity Cultural Self-awareness Cultural self-awareness pertains to the level of each of us has about how we are influenced by the various cultural groups we belong to. The Anger Iceberg worksheet can be used in multiple ways. It works well as a group discussion piece, or as an activity where clients identify and circle their own hidden emotions. Try the discussion questions to get started: Imagine a friend is a situation that’s . Anger Iceberg worksheet. Therapy worksheets related to Emotions. New Release. Discussion Cards, any game can be turned into a fun therapeutic activity for kids. Each Small Talk card asks a simple question about one of three topics, along with a more Deeper" question or activity. Therapist Aid has the exclusive right. Then ask students to draw an iceberg on a piece of paper or in their journals, sure that there is a tip, a water line, and a larger area below the surface. Their should be large enough so that students can take notes within the iceberg. Alternatively, you can distribute the iceberg template located in the handout section. Iceberg Diagram. Created Date: 5/12/ PM. Title: Anger Iceberg Author: Therapist Aid LLC Created Date: 5/23/ PMFile Size: 85KB.
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