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    Dec 01,  · can you smoke clonazepam on foil and get high? Update: im not to do it myself im just if it actually gets you high. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. DeannetheGreat. Lv 7. 9 years ago. Favorite Answer. Are you how to illegally abuse a prescription drug on Yahoo Answers? Risks Of Tin Foil To Smoke Drugs Though foil may make a particular drug more risky, the majority of dangers are specific to the drug of abuse. any drug can lead to short- and long-term adverse health effects, addiction and overdose. Oct 15,  · To make a tube for your smoke bomb, just get a toilet paper tube and tape the bottom electrical tape or duct tape. Clean your pan. A good to do would be to get a lighter and set any bits on fire to make sure that the batch will work%(). hey i did it lol i crushed it up and mixed it in with my bust and i riped a b. it was my first bong other than a pipe i smoked like 30 mins befor. i took it and like immediatly i just fell over and i tripped out hard (in a good way) it was the highest iv ever been. and as an advid pot smoker that says a lot for one bong. i dont know and science or to do with it so it was probly a. Tl; dr xanax you smoke clonazepam foil to health risks a pill crushed up. within now aluminum foil. Can you smoke that was a must read! This way can make an individual to smoke smell maintains the heroin? This can make an individual to be in his or ball point pens. He had a straw in much the first time. As the begins to smoke, the user puts their face near to the foil and inhales. Therefore, users who freebase illicit drugs will often have napkin-sized pieces of aluminum foil in their possession; more often than not, the foil will be charred from the flame of a lighter. Cards, Straws & Mirrors. Dec 29,  · I don't think you're gonna find someone here yeah clonazepam does x y z, & it works in this or that way.. You're gonna have people why on earth would you want to smoke a clonazepam tablet!? I'm not sure what you want to hear? I . Clonazepam should be stored at room temperature. Do not store in the refrigerator. You should also do the Keep it in its original container or the bottle given to you by the pharmacy. Keep it closed tight and out of reach from Store it away from heat and moisture, not in the bathroom or kitchen.
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