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    Oct 15,  · Vocera’s Prescription for Communication Chaos. At Vocera, technology solutions are co-designed by those who understand hospital communication challenges The Vocera badge allows hands-free communication for clinicians on the go through the use of voice commands. Courtesy of Vocera Communications. Mar 13,  · I looked up an older post about this, but there were very few responses, so I decided to start a new post!My ED started the Vocera units recently. This past week weve all had fun the funny genie and the Easter eggs (Beam Me Up, Beam . VST Web Application. Forgot Secure You filled this out wrong. Vocera offers the ability to call by name, group or role from a range of devices iPhone and Android smartphones, and the Vocera hands-free wearable Badge. Below you will find a list of the top voice commands and hacks commonly used by Vocera customers. Vocera Easter Eggs Easter eggs are secret messages or jokes intentionally hidden within software code. The name borrows from the holiday ritual of Easter egg hunts, where hunt for eggs that often contain surprises and treasures. Vocera solutions provide hands-free voice communication, secure text patient engagement tools, and integrated clinical workflow with EHRs, nurse call systems and physiological monitors. These solutions help improve operational efficiency, quality of care, safety and satisfaction across the continuum of care. In addition to technology. 8 VOCERA BADGE USER GUIDE Welcome to the Vocera Badge Your Vocera device provides fast, simple, person-to-person communication over your company's wireless network. voice commands, Vocera instantly connects you to the people you need to reach, phone tag, overhead and physically for a person. 14 ··· Vocera User Guide A central computer, the Vocera server, controls all badge communications. As you use your badge, you are prompted by the Genie, which is the voice interface to the server. The Genie recognizes simple commands in verb-noun format. For example: “Call Charles Jones.” “Record a message for Tech Support.”. Dec 09,  · I have been asked to explain Vocera easter eggs and funny genie, as well as what administrative controls we have over them. First to do is explain what these are and how they are different. Easter Eggs WIKIPEDIA tells us that an easter egg is "an intentional hidden message" and one of the most famous ones for Vocera is to issue the command "good bye" to genie to which you will .
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