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    May 08,  · It’s time to write up the results in APA format (step 4)! APA Conventions for All Statistical Analyses: The specific numbers and letters to report for each analysis are different. However, all letters, like t, M, SD should be in italics – that’s key for APA style! Useful Resources: Here are a few sites that I’ve found to be useful for. In our enhanced one-way MANOVA guide, we show you how to write up the results from your assumptions tests, one-way MANOVA and Tukey post-hoc results if you need to report this in a dissertation/thesis, assignment or research report. We do this the Harvard and APA styles. A one-way multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was conducted to test the hypothesis that there would be one or more mean differences between education levels (undergraduate, masters, PhD) and intelligence test scores. A statistically significant MANOVA effect was obtained, Pillais’ Trace, F(18, ) = , p. MANOVA - (Type 2) Prior to the MANOVA, a series of Pearson correlations were performed between all of the dependent variables in order to test the MANOVA assumption that the dependent variables would be correlated with each other in the moderate range (Meyer, Gampst, & . 2 Answers2. The APA doesn't provide free to their style guide. However, I found this reference the write-up of a MANOVA. If you wish to use tables to report your contrasts, this document illustrates the general APA format for tables. Apr 01,  · Rather than reinvent the wheel I'm to give you a link to a document by Scanlan -- it is a document that appears in a number of forms on the internet with no given, so it is impossible to tell who the original writer was. On. 3. Only if result of test was significant, report results of post hoc tests. In the previous chapter on interpretation, you learned that the significance value generated in a 1-Way Between Subjects ANOVA doesn’t tell you.
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