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    defensive when asked about Percocet use. Visible nasal damage due to Frequently sedated or drowsy. the physical signs . Jan 08,  · If it is in pill form, it is ment to be taken orally. When you insufflate crushed pills (Vicodin, Oxycodone), you are more cellulose and wax based binders, and APAP, Then you are. Mar 22,  · pills is very bad for your lungs and nasal cavity and what's even more funny is that with oxycodone less is absorbed nasally than orally, just eat the pills. If you want a rush then the next best option is to take them rectally. Other side effects of oxycodone can include: Severe headache Problems through the nostrils Tremors Slurred speech Irritability and mood problems of the chest Damage to the septum Nasal infections Erosion of nasal passages. Mar 12,  · Percocet recreationally for its effects dramatically increases the risk of addiction, as well. Risk of damage to the nose and tissues – oxycodone for an extended period can cause damage to the nasal cavity and difficulty. Jul 16,  · Percocet hits you faster and harder than Percocet orally as its prescribed. Percocet puts you at a higher risk of overdose, and it’s also harder on your body than Percocet by mouth. There are many dangers of Percocet. For me, the consequences quickly began to outweigh the benefits. Percocet increases the potency and onset of the effects of the drug, but it’s also associated with a higher risk of overdose, serious health problems, and an increased risk of addiction and dependence. The high that can high amounts of dopamine is what leads to addiction. Dec 06,  · They can include: cardiac arrest coma or unconsciousness death dilated pupils dizziness overdose slow heart rate.
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