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    hydrocodone also raises the risk of overdose, as it enters the system more suddenly. If someone takes more than one dose nasally, it can cause a buildup of hydrocodone in their system that would not so quickly with oral administration. Oct 24,  · That is why you get high when you snort hydrocodone; of euphoria and calm, and relaxation dominate your senses. But just because when you snort hydrocodone the effect is quicker doesn’t mean you should start hydrocodone. Reasons you shouldn’t snort hydrocodone include: analgesic action wears off faster. Is it possible to snort hydrocodone, an opiate painkiller prescribed in pill form? It absolutely is. It doesn’t take much force to crush a pill, a powder that is easily snorted. Unfortunately, painkillers of any kind can indicate a drug addiction or serious drug abuse problem, which can create a number of challenges Read more». Hydrocodone Leads to Addiction. as a method of hydrocodone is A study of participants in Kentucky found that, when it comes to nonmedical use of prescription opioids, urban residents preferred oral of the drugs, while hydrocodone was more prevalent among rural study participants.. Another study, which was a collaboration between. Mar 01,  · DONT SNORT PILLS!!!! IF ENOUGH IS ABSORBED INTO YOUR BLOOD STREAM AT THE SAME TIME YOUR HEART MAY STOP Seriously dude, i messed with pills before, hydrocodone will make it hard for you to breathe. Don't do drugs, but if . What Happens if You Snort Hydrocodone? Since it’s difficult to grind Hydrocodone pills finally, a majority of it will be after If someone was to try Hydrocodone, the first they would feel is an itch that slowly turns into a mild burn in the nasal cavity. May 29,  · For me personally It's a waste. I take it orally and it's very effective and works a lot coffeeqaru.biz not always a of euphoria and out or For many its energetic and well when u are pain free you are able to go thro. May 07,  · What happens when you snort hydrocodone is a more intense high than that which would if the medication was taken orally. That is because the medication hits the bloodstream at a faster rate than it would if it were swallowed. Oct 24,  · Vicodin? When you snort Vicodin, your central nervous system receives a high dose of hydrocodone quickly. However, these unfiltered effects of Vicodin can lead to quicker physical dependency on Vicodin than if you were to take Vicodin orally. And while many people ignore the risks and dangers of Vicodin, they are real.
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