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    Try them to a call center agent. Also check out our other thousands of jokes. Download App. Enjoy over Jokes and Quotes! Call Center Jokes and Puns. Enjoy these funny Call Center jokes and puns. Try one of these to a call center agent and see if they laugh. Contact centres are littered with distinct vocabulary, abbreviations, and acronyms, such as BPO, POC and CLI. With this in mind, we have compiled a glossary of all the key call centre terminologies, with an explanation for each term and buzzword. Feb 12,  · Some tech acronyms don't really make much sense, or what they stand for doesn't reflect what the technology really is. To help alleviate this problem — just for a laugh — we exercised our creative muscles to create brand-new for familiar IT acronyms that more reflect their true IT call center. Apr 25,  · Top Call Center Acronyms You Need to Know. As a call center manager, it can feel like a struggle to stay on top of call call center acronyms. It becomes like whack-a-mole. Once you’ve learned one call center acronym, another pops up. Each time, you’re left the internet for the of different set of letters. Creative, Witty, or Humorous Acronyms Below you will find an alphabetical of creative, witty, or humorous acronyms. It is evident that those responsible for many of these organizations or projects put some real thought into the imaginative acronyms by which they're commonly known. Note: One major difference between the out-of-style acronyms of 10 years ago and the new, hip ones is that acronyms are no longer always used in place of the words they stand for. Instead, the acronym can become a name of the it is for call center. Call Center Acronyms. Call Center Acronyms and Abbreviations Explained. It’s not easy when you join a company or organization and you don’t understand the jargon. Don’t panic! In our handy guide you’ll find all the latest buzzwords and more. ACD – Automatic Call Distribution. ACS – Automatic Call Sequencer. ACW – After call work – also known as wrap-up. Mar 24,  · No need to fear, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular call center acronyms so you can be prepared before your first day. ACW: After Call Work Post call work after the call has ended. AHT: Average Handle Time Length of the average call. Perhaps one of the most popular call center acronym across the business. ASA: Average Speed of Answer.
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