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    This is the disclaimer text. It should wrap, then the bar will grow in height if more space is needed. The footer will center if disclaimer is not used and the background will be one color. The units of the Fundations Fluency Kit for Level 1, which focus on sounds, are appropriate for additional practice for kindergarten students. Please note that Unit 3 of the Fluency Kit for Level 1 contains digraphs, and should not be practiced with kindergarteners until they have learned the sounds of the digraphs (Level K, Unit 4). For students who will be Fundations Level K in kindergarten, the Pre-K Activity Set introduces Fundations activities for letter-keyword-sound, alphabetic order, and letter-formation skills. Fundations serves as a prevention program to help reduce and failure. Fundations. Fundations is the word study program that we use in first grade. You will receive unit packets every few weeks, where your will complete homework assignments, and you can learn about what we are on in class. You can also use this as a resource when with your at home. You can find each unit packet here on our website. Fundations is SYSTEMATIC because it follows a very definite sequence and set of procedures to teach It teaches all concepts directly. Kindergarten FOCUS. Phonemic Awareness. with SOUNDS: WORDS, SYLLABLES and MIDDLE and END sounds of words. Sounds in words /c/ /at/ /cat/ Kindergarten FOCUS. Fundations®. Trick Word Practice Level 1I also have Level K and Level 2 trick word practice pages. Just click on the links below. If you want multiple levels, you can save by the coffeeqaru.biz K Trick Word PracticeLevel 2 Trick Word PracticeTrick Word BundleIf you would like to assess you. Apr 29, - Explore emilyg's "Fun with Fundations!", followed by people on See more ideas about Fundations, Phonics, Wilson. Fundations is the program we use to study letters, sounds and words. With multi-sensory activities, students learn how to blend letter sounds together to read and spell new words. We also. Kindergarten; 's Page - Ms. Massaria; 1st Grade; 2nd Grade; 3rd Grade; 4th Grade; 5th Grade; 5th Grade Science & Social Studies - Mr. Insana; 6th Grade; Ms. Woo's Site.
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