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    eviCore is committed to an evidence-based approach that leverages our exceptional clinical and technological capabilities, powerful analytics, and sensitivity to the needs of everyone involved across the healthcare continuum. eviCore’s new electronic prior authorization (intelliPath ePA) is already deployed by provider organizations to automate and simplify the process of and requests for prior authorization. intelliPath ePA streamlines operations within a easy-to-use application that integrates with major EHRs. Search for: Healthplan Providers. Practice Assessment/Standards; Claims Payment Portal Login. The Provider/Customer and Authorization Request Submitter certify that all information supplied on the prior authorization form, all attachments, and any other information constitute true, correct, and complete information. Authorization Fax Form Pati en t/ M emb er Home Phone: Or d er i n g Pr o vi d er F aci l i ty/ Si te P roce du re List all applicable codes and modifiers: CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This fax transmission, and any documents attached to it may contain File Size: KB. eviCore Utilization Management prior authorization list As part of Moda Health’s efforts to provide its plan holders with to high-quality, cost-effective care, Moda has partnered with eviCore Healthcare to assist with and benefits through the Advanced and Musculoskeletal Utilization Management coffeeqaru.biz Size: 1MB. Prior Authorization Automation. eviCore intelliPath Clinical Worksheets. Radiology Cardiology Gastroenterology State Forms Member Forms Medical Oncology . Radiology Prior Authorization Request Form For NON-URGENT requests, please fax this completed document along with medical records, tests, etc. If there are any inconsistencies with the medical office records, please elaborate in the comment coffeeqaru.biz Size: KB. eviCore’s new podcast Auth the Cuff! This podcast was created with the providers in mind. It speaks to the rapidly healthcare industry, especially the role of prior authorization and how providers can more effectively navigate it.
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