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    This worksheet derives only the self-employed income by Schedule C, F, K-1 (E), and Non-business income such as dividends, interest, and rental income should be summarized separately on the loan application. Capital Gains and W-2 income should also be analyzed separately. Oct 13,  · Click the save/calculate button on the left side of the screen to complete income analysis. Review the K-1 and Distribution comparison and follow the appropriate guidelines for Fannie or Freddie(not required on FHA) based on either distributions that support the K-1 amounts or the solvency test to determine which income is. Income from , K1 & S (S Corporation) December Objective ‏Understand the of “Self Employed” ‏Learn to use Fannie Mae’s Form to calculate supportable income tax returns. We will also include a brief overview of Freddie Mac Guidelines income. Tax return Series Form with K1 Page 1. What you need to know about distributions vs. K1 income Back in FNMA opened a discussion that had long been ignored in the industry in regards to borrowers who get K1 income. For years both FNMA and FHLMC had rules lenders to confirm that income used to qualify from K-1’s lines 1,2,3 and cash flow adjustments was supported by. K-1 Income. A K-1 form is like the business person’s W2. A K1 shows money paid to someone from the business AND show the percentage of ownership that the person owns. When the total income you’ll need to enter any losses as negative numbers. + Ordinary Income (Box 1) + Net Rental Real Estate / Other Net Income (Box 2). Feb 10,  · Two-Year Self-Employed Average Income: When a lender reviews business income, they look at not just the most recent year, but a two year period. They calculate your income by it up and by 24 (months). For example, say year one . K1 Box 17 V * STMT For Box 17 you just enter Code V you do not put a 0 or any other amount. Then when the program asks about the amount for Ordinary Business Income/Loss, W-2 wages and the other items on the Statement about QBI then you enter on the information that has a number greater than 1.
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