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    Apr 30,  · what is the lethal dose of diluadid? whats the lethal dose for diluadid, i have a very high tolerance for opiates stop varies widely from person to person, so it's impossible to predict. If you're high doses of dilaudid however, odds are you're hospitalized, which is a pretty safe situation to be in because, unlike many. Nov 19,  · Conversion from Other Oral Opioids: dose is equivalent to 50% of the calculated daily hydromorphone requirement taken as extended-release tablet orally once a day -To determine daily hydromorphone requirement: Sum total daily dose of prior oral opioid and multiply by oral conversion factor (CF), divide by 2 (to get 50%); round down if. Dilaudid Overdose. Dilaudid is an analgesic narcotic with an addiction ability similar to that of morphine. Its effects are apparent within 15 minutes and remain in effect for more than 5 hours. Dilaudid is approximately 8 times more potent on a milligram basis than morphine. Hydromorphone (dilaudid) concentrations above 75 ng/ml are considered lethal. Is there morphine in hydromorphone? hydromorphone is a stronger version of morphine. Titrate dose to effect; oral and parenteral doses are not equivalent; because parenteral dose 5 times more potent than oral dose, administer one fifth of oral dose when to parenteral route. Oral dose: Initiate at low end of dosage range; consider dose by % in patients >70 years. IV: Reduce initial dose to mg qhr. Feb 11,  · The latest wrongful death lawsuit filed against Mount Carmel Health System says Dr. William Husel ordered an excessive dose of Dilaudid the death of year-old Donald. Mar 10,  · it does't just have to do with your tolerance; bioavailability for hydromorphone varies greatly from person to person. and from ROA to ROA for each person. there are people who use the same amount of oxycodone as, me but 3 times as much hydromorphone. i take mg of hydrocodone (oral), but would never take 8mgs (plugged) of dilly at once. there are people who use the same . An initial order of Dilaudid mg IV prn resulted in two doses over a period of 90 minutes. The dose of Dilaudid was then increased to 1 mg IV every three hours prn due to the patient’s persistent pain, and she received a total Dilaudid dose of 2 mg over a period of four hours, which resulted in respiratory depression, intubation, and death.
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