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    AHA Clinic ® for ICDCM and ICDPCS - Issue 2; Ask the Editor Total Knee Revision. Consider a total knee replacement, which consists of the of all three components of the knee joint (the tibial, femoral, and patellar components). The first time the total joint is replaced with an orthopedic device, the procedure would be coded to replacement based on the definition of the ICDPCS root operation of the same name. AHA Clinic ® for ICD-9 - Issue 4; Ask the Editor Initial Total Knee Replacement with Revision. The patient is an year-old female with marked degenerative arthritis of the right knee, who underwent a right total knee replacement with revision of the right femoral component the same operative episode. ICD10 EZ‐Sheet for Knee Arthroplasty ICD10 BITK – S (R, +1 for L)* 1. OA of knee a. Bilateral primary – M b. Unilateral primary, R – M The code descriptor for is Revision of knee replacement, total (all components) and is categorized under , Other knee and hip procedures. ICDCM also provides codes for revision of tibial component only (), revision of femoral component only (), and revision of . Total knee arthroplasty a. Cemented i. Left – 0SRD0J9 ii. Right – 0SRC0J9 b. Uncemented i. Left – 0SRC0JA ii. Right – 0SRD0JA c. Currently, there is no way to code for a medial or lateral unicompartmental knee i. Option 1 – do not differentiate uni and total knee* Check in ICD‐10 PCS book c. Revision of TKA – and Revision of total knee arthroplasty, with or without allograft; femoral and entire tibial component Removal Removal of prosthesis, total knee prosthesis, methylmethacrylate with or without insertion of spacer, knee Hospital Inpatient: ICDPCS Code and Description. Infection and inflammatory reaction due to internal left knee prosthesis, initial encounter. Billable/Specific Code. Infection and inflammatory reaction due to internal right knee prosthesis, initial encounter. Billable/Specific Code.
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