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    Roger Barr, who is well-known as the mechanic of Velocity's Classic Cars, is a speedy recovery. As per his recent Facebook post, he is pretty fine and is to get to work. Mar 30,  · Stumbled onto this yesterday and it seems like a sad story. to his son on Roger's page on FB) Roger has been laid up twice over the past few months with infections that he believes were caused by on the Minerva that Wayne Carini (host of Classic Cars on Velocity) and his partner Ralph Marano bought last year. Classic Cars is a series that follows Wayne Carini, an expert restorer and Ferrari enthusiast, as he seeks out the world’s most unique, rare cars. It has run for nine seasons on the Velocity network, an offshoot of the Discovery Channel. It has garnered quite a few fans over the years and has proven to be one of the network’s biggest. Wayne Carini and Roger Barr have been viewers via their show, Classic Cars for years. However, Roger’s sudden disappearance from the show has raised the tension and people have been what actually happened to him. Jul 11,  · Discovery Channel’s Classic Cars mechanic Roger Barr has been his skills on the series alongside his partner and friend, Wayne Carini, who has a keen eye for vintage and valuable cars. But now, fans want to know what happened to Roger Barr from Classic Cars.. Rumors about Roger Barr’s death have been fans, but the man is very much Author: Amrutha Srivatsa. The American documentary series Classic Cars is back with its 15th season which will air on Amazon coffeeqaru.biz first episode of the season premiered on February 27, The fifteenth season of the show is hosted by Wayne Carini, who looks out for classic cars from all the eras and to repair them for them back on roads, with the option of coffeeqaru.biz: Kashyap Vora. May 01,  · Classic Cars Star Roger Barr’s Educational Background. The Discovery Channel Mechanic is a former student of Paterson Tech. Back in the day, it was one of the most top-rated institutions for anyone who wanted to take up an as an aviation mechanic. Roger, apparently, doesn't get paid for his role on Classic Cars, which is a bit crazy when one considers, by Wayne's own admission, that the guy is pretty much the main reason why people visit the shop or watch the coffeeqaru.biz: Mustafa Gatollari.
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