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    Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) Plans as well as non-Anthem Plans. There are a limited number of unused three-character, alpha-only prefixes and they are expected to be exhausted in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of When that happens, the BCBSA. Contact Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Missouri by phone or email. Login to find contact information specific to your area. Visit coffeeqaru.biz today. necessary to enter the prefix. Press the # key to skip this step. If the Member’s ID number begins with any other prefix this step is mandatory and the prefix should be entered the conversion table provided. o Federal Employee Program Member ID cards have an alpha prefix of a letter R. At the prompt, enter *72 followed by the # key.). Alpha Prefix Importance; Most members with coverage through a Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan are assigned a three letter alpha prefix as a part of their unique identification number. The alpha prefix can easily be identified as it is the first three characters. The alpha prefix is very important to the identification number. For all 3 digit BCBS alpha prefix identification number, eligibility can be obtained at All you have to do is call this number and provide a 3 digit BCBS prefix to the operator, and then they will transfer the call to the particular member’s plan customer service department. Nov 8, numbers, the entire five-position alpha/numeric Medicare Part C plan contract plans, the alpha prefix is actually an “R.” Prior to October, when CMS Manual System. However, the Medicare/Medicaid Provider Number will continue to be issued to .. The third digit is an alpha character that identifies the type of. Three Character Prefix Updated April To for our lines of business, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT) has adopted several new 3 character as part of the member identification numbers. For more information, contact your . Anthem HealthKeepers Plus Provider Quick Reference Page 3 of 5 Important contact information and resources Care coordination and therapy services: 1 , option 4 Hospital urgent admissions: 1 -8Provider Services: member eligibility, Nurse HelpLine Member Services: 1 TTY Pharmacy Services: via Provider . The three-character prefix at the of the member’s identification number is the key element used to identify and correctly route out-of-state claims to the appropriate BCBS Plan. The three-character prefix identifies the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan to which the member belongs. Some member’s ID cards may not have an alpha prefix.
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