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    Pull stopper out of add crystals, replace stopper, gently push to eliminate air and space, quickly dip of the (the small flat hole) into a little cup of water. easiest way to put it is if a meth user is he/she is high on meth. is the slang for high on meth. its like how when u smoke pot u get "stoned". use meth and you get "tweeked" or. How far to insert it: just far enough so it doesn't immediately leak out, and no further. You want it in the rectum, not the colon. You can actually do it up. Just insert lubricated tip, wiggle it around (with some forward pressure) until it seems airtight, and inject the liquid slowly. Ways Guys Do Meth. Guys do speed in a few different ways. Basically, the way we do it depends on two what form the crystal’s in and which orifice we put the drug in. To oversimplify a bit further, if the crystal is a solid, liquid or gas determines which hole we use, or hole we have to create, to get it into our bodies so we. Meth is a chemical stimulant, and this substance can cause damage to the rectum and colon. Meth is a man-made drug that is diluted with toxic chemicals like drain cleaner. Street names for meth include ice, crank, crystal, and speed. Rectal use of meth may lead to an intensified high, but can also cause severe medical conditions. As a result, the person will continue consecutive doses, the risk of overdose. In extreme cases, the results of this pattern can be fatal. Finally, rectally substances can be potentially dangerous because a person needs far less of rectally administered than administered by other avenues. Los Angeles KTLA news anchor Chris Burrous died from a methamphetamine overdose and his autopsy report obtained by coffeeqaru.biz revealed he inserted the drug into his anus in a hotel with a man he met on a app.. Burrous overdosed in a Glendale, Calif. hotel on Dec. 28 and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s report stated he died from “methamphetamine toxicity and. drugs is an alternative method of drug use that utilizes the rectal administration of drugs. It is not the most natural route for drug administration. Even so, the drugs in the anus is a medically viable way for many drugs. Oral (digestion) – This is definitely worth out & the most way to use meth and maintain productivity and focus. Methamphetamine is a little less potent than amphetamine (read: Adderall), but consider the various mg to be pretty close. I.e., try ~30mg of meth. Smooth onset, LONG duration, less scatterbrain.
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