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    Scattergories Lists List 4 1. Sports 2. Song titles 3. Parts of the body 4. Ethnic foods 5. you shout 6. Birds 7. A girl's name 8. Ways to get from here to there 9. Items in a kitchen Villains/monsters Flowers you replace. Train your brain with online version of Categories game - a word game that every little kid knows. The game variants are also known as Guggenheim or Scattergories. Remember your and play the game with your friends or play in foreign language to improve your vocabulary. Scattergories rules. Everyone knows the game Scattergories. The random generator will pick the next letter for you. After that you have 60 seconds. Write down your cattergories with the random letter. When the time is up, the screen turns red. This starts the next round. For example: First you need a . Scattergories List Generator. About. Old Version. Play Online (BETA) Change Colors. A typical Scattergories list features 12 different categories related to different topics, so you can pick and choose from the categories to make your own customized lists, or play a themed game categories. Keep these new lists handy by out a free copy for each player. If you need help the printable lists. Scattergories Lists Charades At Home Workouts Gym Workouts Program Exercises Senior Gifts Name Generator Local Gym Scattegories lists for 12 Scattegories lists to print, ready to use. List cards show twelve categories and players list words not to write down words duplicated by other players. A homemade Scattergories game follows the same basic premise, except the game is played by a category and then words applicable. The goal is to list . May 15, - Explore bozzye's "Scattergories Lists", followed by people on See more ideas about Scattergories, Scattergories lists, Family games Jul 29,  · Labels: Free Scattergories List Copy and paste, Ghetto Scattergories, Home games, Scattergories, Scattergories Lists, Scattergories Lists Ghetto Scattergories. My roommate and I were at home one night, to play Scattergories. The problem was that we were broke. Our decision was to look for the actual Scattergories lists.
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