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    AHA Clinic ® for ICDCM and ICDPCS - Issue 3; Ask the Editor Bronchoscopy with and for Removal of Mucus Plug. A bronchoscopy was performed due to abnormal radiologic in the lung field. The right middle lobe bronchus was by a large mucus plug. BRONCHOSCOPY AND ASSOCIATED PROCEDURE IN ICDPCS AND WHY AND HOW IS A BRONCHOSCOPY PERFORMED? A bronchoscopy is a test to view the airways and diagnose lung disease. It may also be used the treatment of some lung conditions. A bronchoscope is a device used to see the inside of the throat, larynx, trachea, airways and lungs. Apr 02,  · Bronchoscopy with Removal of Mucus Plugs or Foreign Body. HIA has previously discussed the of bronchoscopy with bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL). The of procedures performed via bronchoscopy has become complicated in ICDPCS. The coder must now think about the objective of the procedure to assign the correct root operation, the correct body part addressed, and the correct approach and whether or not the intent of any removal . Easy removal of a large mucus plug with a flexible paediatric bronchoscope after administration of rhDNase (Pulmozyme). Here we report the case of mucoid impaction in a four-year-old as a complication of pneumonic infection treated four weeks prior. p.a. chest X-ray and fiberoptic bronchoscopy showed atelectasis and the. assignment for with suction of mucus plug? Answer: This procedure meets the definition of the root operation "Extirpation" – or out solid matter from a body part. Assign the ICDPCS code: 0BC58ZZ Extirpation of matter from right middle lobe bronchus, via natural or artificial endoscopic, for of the mucus plugFile Size: 1MB. I have a case that was coded to MS-DRG At first, I thought it was coded incorrectly because the pt had a bronch w/o lung biopsy. However, when I code the removal of a mucous plug from the right upper lobe, I’m code with the root operation of extirpation (see pathway below). [cid:imagepng@01D14EEC]. Corner: Tips for bronchoscopy procedures Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists, May 12, by Paul Evans, RHIA, are some ICDPCS documentation and tips for three of the most common (and commonly misunderstood/miscoded) procedures performed via bronchoscopy. Oct 23,  · Best bet: Make sure the physician’s actions (and the documentation) reflect the more extensive work associated with definition. Otherwise, report for a diagnostic bronchoscopy with (simple).
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