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    When Loan Mods, Loan Servicers Often Wrongly Blame Investors. Homeowners who are refused mortgage modifications are sometimes given a reason that is false. of America employees made homeowners submit applications over and over in order to frustrate them, that their mortgage would be denied a modification. Applications were intentionally Author: Deon Roberts. In cases you want to get a Loan Modification on any loan serviced by Of America (BAC) you will have to submit a package called Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) package first. You should always take care to submit the latest paperwork on who your investor is; Before the package it will be much helpful if you consult with of America (BAC) or a professional. In sworn statements provided for a lawsuit by homeowners against of America, a half-dozen people who reviewed loan modification applications for . To qualify for a modification, you’ll have to submit a complete “ loss mitigation ” application to your loan servicer. It’s best to submit your application as soon as you know you’ll have trouble your payments or shortly after you fall behind. In some cases, the servicer doesn't tell the homeowners that they are documents necessary for the loan modification decision. In others, the servicer simply doesn't get around to the request in a timely manner. Federal mortgage laws, effective January 10, , aim to reduce these delays. PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT Please complete a separate Profit and Loss Statement for each business owned by the borrower(s). Name(s) of Borrower(s): Company Name: Type of Business: For the Period: through DD/MM/YYYY DD/MM/YYYY Income: Gross Sales and Receipts. The Modification Agreement defines the changes to your home loan. This agreement must be signed, notarized and returned to us by the deadline before your modification becomes permanent. A permanently modified loan is reported to bureaus and may negatively impact your. you from your mortgage(s); information about all of your income, expenses and financial assets; whether you have declared and information about the mortgage(s) on your principal residence and other family real estate that you own. Finally, you will need to return to your loan servicer (1) this completed, signed and dated.
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