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    Sep 19,  · New NCOER expected to more assess Soldiers' performance. By David Vergun September 19, "Met Standard" or "Did Not Meet Standard." Whichever category is selected for this NCOER. On a relief for cause I couldn’t really come up with because the dude was a great NCO and just made a mistake so I tried the bullet point; Didn’t drive drunk / days of the past year. On my last NCOER my rater tried to check no under Duty under Army values and the bullet point he used was refuses to re-enlist, SM has no sense of Duty or teamwork it got kicked back and. Nov 20,  · Sample NCOER Bullets. Sample NCOER Bullets. This list provides a sample of Excellence, and Needs Improvement NCO-ER Bullets highlighted in recent Quarterly NCO-ER Updates as those bullets that justified the marked Sergeant’s Time book selected as standard for the battalion; totally committed to quality of. Duty Description - Directs operations of staff and instructors across two locations for Air Force's only Cyber & IO Formal Trng Unit - Provides focused trng for 1, in-residence students per yr; meets initial qualification trng rqmts for 10 MAJCOMs. A true mission oriented leader. Performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional results; Actively leads AIT soldiers physical development and trains to . o completed assigned tasks and met mission requirements despite challenges of at an station o faced problems head on while at a high OPTEMPO with less than 75% of authorized MTOE strength o scored a , APFT . POTENTIAL DEFINED (Per DA PAM ) The senior rater makes an assessment of the rated NCO’s overall potential when compared with all other NCOs of the same rank the senior rater has previously rated or currently has in his or her rated population. Note: Promotable NCOs with a “P” after their current rank, in an authorized position of the next higher rank, are considered as NCOs. Bullet comments are mandatory regardless of the box check given (at least one bullet will be entered in each block of c through i). Standardized rules apply to bullet comments on NCOER. Bullet comments will— (1) Be short, concise, to the point. Bullets will not be longer than two lines, preferably one, and no more than one bullet to a. Oct 14,  · On the NCOER, for excellence and marginal how many bullets have to be there. It is my that bullets are mandatory for excellence and marginal but you do not have to put bullets for someone is that you need 3 bullets for excellence ad marginal and 2 bullets for I am at the regulation right now and does not state about how many.
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