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    Mar 27,  · The problem I have is that when I try to call her number, I get a message that I cannot call her number due to restrictions. I've heard this is a Verizon message, so I should not be that message since she is not a Verizon customer. As far as we know, I'm the only person who is not able to call her. Nov 07,  · "Welcome to Verizon Wireless, we're sorry, restrictions have prevented the completion of your call." I thought maybe I was blocked (although I don't know why he would block my calls) so I had a friend and a friend's friend call his phone to see if that was the case, but the same happened to them. Caller ID or call restriction, is a free service offered by Verizon. It does not cost any money to use the caller ID code when you make a call. If you wish to have your phone number permanently restricted, call Verizon Customer Service at . Announcement 19 - Restrictions Prohibit Beyond Your Service Area. Announcement 19 - Restrictions Prohibit Beyond Your Service Area. Connect with us on Messenger. Visit Community. 24/7 automated phone system: call * from your mobile. for a while now (about 9 months) i have been unable to call my friend. whenever i try, the phone once and says a long the lines of "this number has restrictions that prevent the completion of this call, switch ". Nov 11,  · For example, if your friend is a Verizon Wireless customer and is our very popular free Call & Message Block feature, for calls from blocked numbers, the caller (You) hears, "Welcome to Verizon Wireless. The number you were to reach has restrictions which have prevented the completion of your call.". restrictions on verizon phone. I am a friend on skype from pc to phone but it says call failed all the time so is the phone in use? I called my friend on her talk phone and her phone said that her phone wasnt calls at this time, what does that mean, am i blocked? Anonymous: 0. Verizon - Restrictions Message Welcome to Verizon Wireless; were sorry the number you have dialed has restrictions that have prevented the completion of your call. It's a great way to fool someone into there's a problem with the system or like that/5(1). it says, "this message cannot be sent." for blocked text messages, and, "this number has restrictions which prevent the completion of this call." for phone calls. verizon can block up to 5 numbers from or your cell phone for free, for only 90 days, for a permanent bock you have to pay a fee each month.".
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