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    Oct 03,  · The Time I Was Molested by a Dog. October 3, Leave a comment Go to comments. When I was in junior high school, my friend had a great big chocolate labrador named Apollo. Apollo was huge, with a head about the size of my torso, and his family kept him unneutered so as to breed him in the future. He seemed an altogether happy dog, and. Watch My first knot on My Wife - Bestiality Videos. Wife and dog. My wife likes to get knotted with dogs. I've caught my wife a few times. The first time I was in shock she was 26 and fresh out of the military. I came home from the gym one day and I noticed our door was shut. As i got closer i could hear her and dirty. My wife loves the dog. She’s had her since before we met. I love my wife more than but that dog is a nightmare. If the dog could have an without it my wife, that would be one dead ass dog TODAY. Nov 24,  · You need to be aware that if you do jerk the knot out then push it back in over and over as you say that there is a strong possibility that you may do damage to the dog and in some cases it can be a permanent injury. Once they have tied with you they need to be allowed to complete themselves and slip from you naturally. Long answer: A dog tied up to a female (human) means that the male dog is his sperm into you. Although you should never try to take it out, take time and enjoy the pleasure. You will only. Cindi and the dog. true story. It was in 85 around the first of June. The mill was blocked out and they sent us home early. Around pm and I walked the half mile to the trailer park where we lived. Our bedroom light was the only light and the window was hidden from view of the neighbors.
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