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    Nov 14,  · To Play diaper game: Hand a game card and pen to each player. Pass out the 6 diapers and allow players to unwrap them. They must guess what 3 candy bars are in each diaper and write down their guesses on the player card. Players may touch, smell and taste (if they dare!) the candy. Once all diapers have circulated the group the leader reads the. Jul 26,  · Printable Mustache Shower Diaper Candy Bar Game - Guess the Sweet Mess in Blue and Aqua This Guess the Sweet Mess shower game is a fun and interactive game to have at your shower. Melt different candy bars in separate diapers and have the guests guess which candy bar made the mess. Jul 18,  · This free printable shower game comes with 23 poop pictures. It’s a gross but hilarious shower card game and fun alternative to a traditional shower diaper game! Based on 1. Shower Poopy Diaper Game Video may not be depict exact game above. Video explanation: Video shows candy melted in diapers and gives brief explanation of the game. This is a fun yet a little gross so hopefully your shower guests have a sense of humor. This video and it's creator are not affiliated with this website. It is embedded via YouTube. May 14,  · Write the candy bar number on the outside of the diaper so you can keep track of what diaper had what candy bar in it. {I used 2 fun size candy bars for each diaper. ex: I put 2 fun size Hershey’s candy bars in the diaper shown above} Play: Give each guest a pencil and a small piece of paper and pass around all the diapers. Dec 18, - game: Name That Poo! Individually melt 6 different kind of chocolate candy bars, and spoon them into 6 different diapers. Guests must guess which candy bar the diaper contains! Mar 01,  · A Peek at the Fun: This dirty diaper shower game is a little bit gross and a whole lot of fun!It’s super easy to put together, great for groups, and that will get your guests We’ve been a lot about showers lately (and of sweet, cute little babies) and we’ll continue that today with a fun and goofy and a little gross shower game. Free Printable Shower Dirty Diaper Chocolate Poop Game! July 12, This game kind of grosses me out, but please, (includes numbers ) behind each diaper! Printable 8" x 10" Table Sign - with "Diaper" Printable 8" x 10" Table Sign - with "Nappy" Printable 5" x 7" Cards - 2 cards per A4 or " x 11" sheet. Fun Shower Game: Dirty Diaper, also known as “Name that Poo!” A very gross but one of the most hilarious shower game!You would need newborn disposable diapers and chocolate bars of different brands or sorts with different such as creamy, nutty, sultana, caramel-filled chocolate bars.
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