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    Medical policy and pre-certification / pre-authorization information for out-of-state members To view an out-of-state Blue Plan's medical policy or general pre-certification / pre-authorization information, please select the type of information requested and enter the first three characters of . Quick Guide to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Member ID Cards May 7 Canadian ID Cards Please note: The Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans and its member plans are separate and distinct from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) and its member Plans in the United States. number is the key element used to identify and correctly route out-of-state claims. The alpha prefix identifies the BCBS Plan or national to which the member belongs and is critical for a patient’s membership and coverage. If you experience difficulties or need additional information, call BLUE. 1, Responses to “Blue Cross Prefix List (Updated Often)” EMPIRE BCBS EQX STATE / FEDERAL 8# -1 – 2 – NPI -/PRECERT 8R, BCBS NATL PPO 8/ 8BCBS NEW JERSEY 8/ 8PRE 8NOT ADMIT/ ADMITTED 81/8YHI, YLB, HCW, YHJ, BJF, LWF. I work in the Franklin TN office and have been on the BCBS TN team for a little over a year now, the ID’s for Tennessee can have various 3 letter alpha prefixes but almost always are followed by 9-digits we leave the alpha prefix off when the Member’s ID in Image1 unless they are a BlueCare or “Medicaid” plan member which always incluced the letter M before the. State of Michigan. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is proud to be the state's largest insurer, and your insurer. But large doesn't mean we forget the individual needs of our members. So we've created this customized site just for employees and retirees of the State of Michigan. Information and Resource Websites. Better You Strides, powered by CaféWell® Florida Blue’s free online wellness program uses your needs, goals and interests to create for you a Personal Health Itinerary®—a custom-made plan with recommended programs to reach your health goals. Programs cover healthy tips to move more and ways to manage stress. BCBS prefixes and phone numbers Prefix begin with I, J, K, L, M Prefix Product Area Address Phone # Employer IBF PPO Excel IBEW Eastern States (eff 10/
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