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    Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are marketed as the “safe” new alternative to conventional cigarettes. By February , reports of 68 deaths and more than 2, hospitalizations due to lung illnesses have made it clear that can be even more dangerous than. Nov 17,  · vs. This Is How They Affect Your Body The lack of smoke inhalation is what leads many e-cigarette users to believe is a Author: The Post Canada. Jan 27,  · Worse, close to a third of the people who had abandoned e-cigarettes and returned to did so because they were worried about the health effects of to . Apr 02,  · “There’s just so little you can do that’s worse than says Nancy Rigotti, M.D., director of the Research and Treatment Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. is still the preventable cause of death and is responsible for , American lives lost each year. A threat to kids and young people. companies want to hook a new generation on nicotine and They spent more than $ billion on aggressive in alone. Dec 29,  · E-cigarettes are no safer than scientists warn V is no safer than The San Diego team found that the nicotine versions caused . Oct 16,  · COULD be worse for your health than to newly-published research into the effects of e-cigarettes. It's all down to the in e-cigarettes, which scientists found can harm the lungs further by lung inflammation. Feb 28,  · E-cigarettes are certainly safer than combustible cigarettes,” Lion Shahab, one of the scientists on the study, told Digital Trends. Cancer isn’t the only risk when cigarettes. The difference between and is that delivers nicotine by which can cause related illnesses, and can deliver nicotine by a .
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