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    Dec 07,  · How to adapt the Christmas for large groups. When we are for large group Christmas parties it can be a challenge to find enough different Christmas cards to make it work. Whether we are in a classroom or an office 30 or up to 50 different Christmas cards for large groups to play correctly. Distribute a and 16 place markers to each player. Place the draw cards face down in a pile in the middle of the table. Take turns a draw card from the pile and it with the group. Each player marks off the picture from the draw card on their. Play with your elementary age students with these fun printable Sheets for Easter! Perfect for large groups in your classroom or small review groups. Add this to your Easter party with 30 unique themed with your students! cards are . Blank Card Bridal Shower Shower Ice Breaker Christmas The blank printable cards are perfect to design your own speciality game. Fill in the blanks anyway you want to create your own fun. Or re-create the ice breaker with your own personal questions that you want your friends to answer. Activity {25 Different Cards} This is a fun Set for your classroom, church group, mom's group, and more! It is just fun to do with the kids! There are 25 different fun and colorful cards with themed icons on them. Perfect for large groups in your classroom or small review groups. Add this to your lesson plans or class party with 30 unique cards are also included in this fun game for young Black and white options available to save your color ink. the Seasons Bundle and SAVE! It is like four sets for less than the price of three. . The free set of six cards is the perfect size for most families and small groups, but if you need larger quantities, we have upgrades available in the shop! The upgraded card sets come in bundles of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 50 cards, so there’s for groups of all sizes! The original game had a 3x3 card themed images. Since then we have added a 4x4 picture card and a 5x5 picture card as well as a traditional card. One we have found is that picture tends to have a lot of winners at the same time when in large groups.
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