• How to commit to suicide with zolpidem

    Feb 09,  · Please I don't want people not to do this or try to get help. You got to realize I tried but no one takes me seriously. We are all human and have free will to do whatever we please. And if I want to or someone else wants to commit suicide it's their choice and no one elses. Results. After adjustment for potential confounders such as the comorbidities of schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, insomnia, substance use, and other mental disorders, the Charlson comorbidity index, and use of or antidepressants, zolpidem exposure was found to be significantly associated with the risk of suicide/suicide attempt with an OR of (95% Cited by: A case report has described a zolpidem-induced suicide attempt in a patient who had not previously decided to commit suicide [34]. to a nationwide case-control study in Taiwan, patients. Ambien, the brand name of zolpidem, is a sedative designed to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. Many people who experience sleep disorders also deal with stress, anxiety or Ambien has the potential to affect mood in serious ways, and there have been links between Ambien and depression and Ambien and suicide. Lethal doses of zolpidem are dependent on several factors, such as the person’s body weight, their tolerance level to the drug, their gender, and the use of any other drugs in conjunction with Ambien. amounts of the drug greater than mg of zolpidem per kilogram of an individual’s body weight is most likely to be fatal. Oct 16,  · And some people attempt to OD on Ambien as a way to commit suicide or self-harm. Ambien overdose – How much is too much? The amount of Ambien you need to take to overdose depends on your body weight, previous exposure to the medication, and other factors. But there are some basic guidelines you can follow. From the records, most individuals try to commit suicide by the pills. This makes it the most common way compared to others like on a train. The pills work by down the functions of your body parts, by .
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