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    Free Water Protocol. Purpose of the free water protocol: • To improve oral hydration in patients with dysphagia problems) who must thicken all liquids • To make it easier to follow guidelines with thickened liquids. The idea behind the free water protocol is that water has a neutral pH and is free of coffeeqaru.biz Size: 44KB. for water or ice chips denies a very primitive and basic drive to refresh the senses. • The Free Water Protocol offers a possible solution to the dilemma of our patient’s safety and health top priority and to the quality of life and satisfaction at the same coffeeqaru.biz Size: KB. What Is Free Water Protocol? For Providers The free water protocol allows patients who are NPO or on thickened liquids to have ice chips/water between meals when specific guidelines. The free water protocol is not appropriate for all patients. A speech-language pathologist will determine if a patient is a good candidate for theFile Size: 45KB. Free water consumption is encouraged for all patients and makes a significant contribution in hydration for many. The risk and cost of IV fluids should be decreased. Post-discharge surveys of Frazier dysphagic patients indicate water often is the primary means of hydration. Page 1 of 2 | Free Water Restriction Nutrition Clinic | Box N.E. Pacific St., Seattle, WA | F. This handout explains what to expect if you are on free water restriction while you are in the hospital. Your doctor has recommended that you be on “free water restriction” while you are in the hospital. This. If at any time you have questions about the Frazier Free Water Protocol, please contact your Speech-Language Pathologist. Dev. 11/10, Rev. 7/13 \\Mcehemcshare\netit patient education$\Mount Carmel Handouts\Rehab and Exercise\Frazier Free Water coffeeqaru.biz ©Mount . Water Protocol is based on several assumptions: o aspiration of water poses little risk to the patient if oral bacteria associated with the development of aspiration pneumonia can be minimized o free water decreases the risk of dehydration o free water increases patient compliance with precautions and improves. free water decreases the risk of dehydration free water increases patient compliance with precautions and improves patient quality of life good oral hygiene is key of the water protocol and offers other benefits with regards to. Why should I follow the Free Water Protocol? Water has a neutral pH, whereas other thin fluids such as coffee, tea, milk or juice do not. Water is therefore the safest fluid for the lungs to naturally absorb if it “goes the wrong way”.
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