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    Designed to help "carry around" the Safety skills. The mini-poster is full-color, glossy, inches by 11 inches (the size of a regular piece of paper), and lists all of the Safe Skills. Same scenic background as the Wall Poster of Safe Skills, . May 29,  · Safety Skills The primary goal of Safety therapy is to increase safe skills an individual may use to reduce the dangerous behavior related to symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Substance Abuse. All skills provided in the Safety model are applicable to someone who has experienced trauma and/or Substance Abuse. Additional materials: Optional client-engagement materials are available and include a card deck, magnet, key chain, and poster of the Safe Skills from Safety. Number of days/hours: Flexible; a typical is either 1 day, days, or 2 days, but any length is possible. 1. Ask for help –Reach out to someone safe. 2. Inspire yourself –Carry positive (e.g., poem) or negative (photo of a friend who overdosed). 3. Leave a bad scene –When go wrong, get out. 4. Persist –Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up. 5. From: Najavits, L.M. Safety: A Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance Abuse (). Only for personal use (with clients); for any other use contact or 1. Ask for help-Reach out to someone safe 2. Inspire yourself-Carry positive (e.g., poem), orFile Size: 94KB. A poster of the Safety Safe Skills in English. It can be posted on a wall to refer to the Safe Skills. It is full-color, illustrated, 24 wide x 30 length, and professionally designed and printed. To order both languages, place one language item into your cart, then go back and add the other language item into your cart. poster for safe skills. First Language Play Therapy Skills Poster Wall Social Work Spanish English Places. Motivacional Quotes Quotes Images Sober Quotes Habit Quotes Life Quotes Anxiety Quotes Anxiety Tips Anxiety Skills Play Therapy. on Strategies // with Emotions. as a safe place, or healthy detachment. Although does not solve the problem that is to your unpleasant emotions, it does provide a temporary way to gain control over your and prevent from worse. anchors you, gives you a chance to calm down, and. May 11,  · from Safety with a male client); (4) Adherence Session (one hour session that can be rated with the Safety Adherence Scale). Online Guide to Introduce Safety to your agency Engagement materials: card deck, poster, magnets, wallet card, key chain of the safe skills; in English, Spanish, French.
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