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    [ update] In his first year of office President Trump approved a % pay raise for Military staff and troops under the Fiscal National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This is the largest annual increase service members have received since The updated basic pay tables reflect this across the raise effective from January Defense Budget Signed by Trump by MilitaryBenefits Updated September, – The Defense Budget has been approved by Congress and signed by President Trump in record speed with a percent pay increase and a $ billion national defense budget. The military pay charts are official with a % pay increase as approved by President Trump on December 12, Pay increases will be effective on January 1, and be reflected on the first paychecks that go out on January 12, See the military pay charts as signed into law by President Trump on August 13, On December 20, , President Trump approved the National Defense Authorization Act. The law ensures a military pay raise of percent for The raise will be effective, January 1, The percent is the same amount dictated by U.S.C. Title 37 which requires a pay raise based on the Employment Cost Index. The military pay increase has been approved at % where originally it was proposed at %. The % increase became final on December 12, when President Trump signed the FY National Defense Authorization Act into law. The NDAA’s % increase . Nov 20,  · If Congress had backed Trump’s plan for a percent pay raise, the percent drop from the mandated level would have saved Pentagon planners $ million next . The basic pay rates reflect a % pay raise, effective January 1, The pay increase has been approved by Congress (August 1, ) and President Trump is signed into law on August 13, Pay was effective on January 1, and reflected on the first paychecks that went out on January 15, See the military pay charts based on a proposed % increase. Trump is no closer to his dream of a U.S. military fueled by 12 U.S. navy carriers, modernized fighter jets and new unmanned aircraft. Trump brought up his role earlier this year in the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year , the typical legislative vehicle for pay increases for the military.
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